Michael R. Cantu

Michael Cantu

           Born and raised in McAllen, Texas, to parents that own an Architectural business, I've been surrounded by technology my entire life. Due to that, it was easy for me to begin my technological endeavors in life, in which I began web development at the age of 9. I am now 19 and a full time student at Rochester Institute of Technology under the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences "GCCIS" as a New Media Interactive Development focus.

           As passionate for web development as I am, I started my own business my junior year in high school. My business (XTREMEDEZIGNS) has countless of services ranging from Web Development, Graphic Design, Photography, etc... With my business; my current goal is breaking the barrier between age and business professionals, and as I have already made several websites for local businesses in McAllen, Texas, I believe I've accomplished it.

           Personal hobbies would have to be photography. Aside from Web Development, I can spend hours on end taking photographs. I love every style of photography, but I especially love taking photographs of Nature, Animals and Portraits. As a resident of Photography House @ RIT, I've been exposed to a vast amount of photography styles and techniques.

           As a student at Rochester Institute of Technology, I've been broadened to a greater aspect of life by participating in countless of organizations. The one that I'm most proud of how ever isn't an organization, but a Fraternity. Fall of 2008 I rushed, and pledged Phi Delta Theta ΦΔΘ and I am now a brother! Phi Delta Theta has some of the best features in Greek life, not only are we welcoming at RIT, we're known nationally for our brotherhood. Our stand as a Phi Delt are for Moral Rectitude, Sound Learning and Friendship, and we believe strongly in being there for our brothers regardless of the situation, "One man is no man!" Some famous Phi's include Neil Armstrong, Benjamin Harrison, Chris Cagle, Lou Gehrig and many others.