Phi Delta Theta

I'm done pledging, we got initiated this morning and I can now wear/write the Phi Delta Theta ΦΔΘ letters!


Another Day, More Work, More Procrastination

So I've been chilling with my brothers/pledge brothers all day here at the Phi Delta Theta house, been sitting here doing homework, having fun, procrastinating. The day, quite amazingly, has been quite productive even though I'm still procrastinating on a lot of stuff. Tweaked up my Intro to Multimedia Stylesheet to add colors to these pages, changed the color of the contact form (Thanks Dan), and I'm currently working on a portfolio system. I'm also hoping to (in the future) implement a commentary system on this blog. It should be pretty interesting.


Class Registration

1:00 AM: Barely getting to sleep
5:40 AM: Just woke up to register for classes (Since portal opens at 6)
5:57 AM: One of the first one's to get in on my floor
6:30 AM: Got the classes I needed, but the times I wanted were restricted for NTID's...
6:45 AM: Filed for Un-Met needs to try and get different different times.
8:00 AM: My unmet needs went under "Processing"



So it's starting to get pretty cold... Wouldn't say freezing yet, but definitely colder then any weather in Texas! Walked to class with highs of 42 degrees and lows of 34 degrees!!! Doesn't help when you're walking to one of the farthest buildings from the dorms to the academic side and it's pouring rain and wind hitting you!


Apple Luncheon

MAC logo So I attended a luncheon with the dean of my college today, GCCIS Dean Jorge, and several Apple Executives. Was definitely a great opportunity. I met several apple executives, recruiters and got to make some pretty good connections. One of the executives I was introduced to was one that had seniority over the IPhone and monitored it's productivity. Thanks to Ms. Gatewood my North Star Academy Liaison for inviting me.